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July 4, 2022 2023-02-02 10:30

Supplier Builder Methodology and Tools

The Supplier Builder framework is designed to accurately determine at what stage your supplier’s business is at present, while at the same time highlighting critical areas that you need to focus on with them to ensure their business grows and succeeds. The Supplier Builder framework uses an algorithm developed by incorporating the lessons and insights gained from working with 1000s of suppliers over the last 20 years. Applying the framework to their business will drastically increase your supplier’s chance of building a sustainable business in the shortest time.

The platform enables supplier benchmarking and automatic improvement plan development. This capability is done by the algorithm and is capable of doing 1000s of suppliers at the same time. The process instantly resulting in a quick ability to analyze your suppliers in your customer’s supply chain.

Once the benchmarking is completed the platform automatically enables supplier-specific development modules. Each of the modules is structured to include specific tools and goals to ensure the benchmark indicator for each module is targeted and improved.

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