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Goal Setting and Supplier Management

Get access to 6 best practice supplier diagnostic and growth reports and tools. The platform enables you to structure your supplier’s development into monthly modules providing both you and the supplier with instructions, tools, and videos. Your suppliers are all given a login to develop at their own pace while also tracking program objectives.
You charge your customer monthly for the program

Business Diagnostic Platform

The supplier diagnostics enables you to easily evaluate supplier maturity and readiness for development. The diagnostics have been developed to match EME and QSE maturity and size ensuring a customized approach. Each of the diagnostic programs comes with goal setting, content, videos, and all the tools you will need to work with your supplier on a month-to-month basis.

The diagnostic platform enables you to set and manage improvement actions in line with the business diagnostic KPIs.

Content Management

We focus on providing working sessions and not “teaching”. To achieve this we ensure the supplier reviews the learning portion of the content and module before attending working sessions. Each module provides access to report-specific videos explaining the topics that you will be working on with the supplier. Each video is available for your supplier to watch and prepare for your monthly coaching or consulting sessions. This ensures that your supplier has knowledge of the module being covered and is able to work on deliverables in the session.

Specialised Tools

Each module has it own specialised tools that enables you to work with the supplier in your monthly sessions. Each tool provides clear improvement steps for your supplier to implement.

These tools consist of module-specific activities that enable deeper analysis and customer engagement. The tools also provide further actions to complete.

Business Gap Analysis

There are 6 different supplier diagnostic analysis and reporting modules. Each provides specific supplier gap analysis and improvement plans.

The gap analysis report is generated by the platform. It targets increased supplier revenue-generating capability and generates profits yearly. The gap analysis is focused on overall critical supplier growth areas plus ensuring governance compliance and return on investment for shareholders.

Business Valuation

The platform provides you with a detailed valuation and strategic analysis to assist you and your supplier with building a successful and scalable business.

Based on their Analysis Score we are able to calculate the value of their business today and then estimate the value that you can add by working together on the development program.