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July 5, 2022 2023-01-26 13:49

Linking Corporate Objectives to Economic Development

Delivering on this BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is integrated into our overall approach that ensures corporate strategy is integrated into the process not only delivering on ESD objectives but also delivering measurable supply chain and operational improvement.

Incubator Program


A report launched by Impact Amplifier and New York University CGA states that the injection of billions of Rands into enterprise & supplier development (ESD) by the South African corporate sector has not realised its potential to impact socio-economic transformation, nor has this commitment accomplished the intentions of the BEE Codes.

Not only is Enterprise and Supplier Development one of the elements of BBBEE, it is also accepted at a global level as an effective way to combat poverty. The objective of Enterprise and Supplier Development is to create sustainable businesses which grow and lead to job creation, which in turn contributes to economic growth.

The Impact Amplifier Report has identified Four main challenges that are hampering the transformative potential of enterprise development. These are…

The business skills deficiencies of small entrepreneurs

The gap between the objectives of enterprise and supplier development and their application

The lack of measurement frameworks to monitor the impact of enterprise and supplier development

Is ED & SD application addressing existing challenges

Providing cost-effective and impactful solutions to these challenges is at the core of our ESD solution. Striving to make a positive community impact has become a fundamental tenet of RED3SIXTY.

For multinational companies, supporting local development and small businesses in the communities where they operate is an integrated part of their business approach, one that RED3SIXTY Eco’s. Corporates recognize the value of these efforts for community members and their own performance and competitive advantage are integrated.

Supplier Development is a particularly effective tool, because it ensures that companies support their own business needs while providing suppliers with access to markets, which is key to their growth potential and sustainability.

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