In an increasingly globalised and interconnected business landscape, the importance of a holistic approach to enterprise supplier development (ESD) cannot be overstated. It’s not just about supply and demand anymore; it’s about creating a synergistic ecosystem where every cog in the machine works in perfect harmony to drive not just business growth but also contribute to wider economic development. Enter ESD3SIXTY – the platform that promises to redefine your approach to ESD.

The ESD3SIXTY Advantage

ESD3SIXTY is built on a promise – a promise to deliver a standardised approach, long-term planning, supply chain integration, and a solid return on investment.

Our Standardised Approach ensures that your company’s core principles remain unaltered regardless of changes in ESD Delivery Companies. We enable you to adopt and cultivate your methodology, providing consistency and stability.

We emphasise Long-Term Planning through our integrated yearly program succession. We ensure your programs follow a three-year graduation cycle, facilitating supplier growth through a robust, integrated development plan.

ESD3SIXTY ensures an intricate Linkage to your Supply Chain. From Enterprise Development (ED) to Supplier Development (SD) and beyond, our aim is to foster your company-specific suppliers.

Perhaps most importantly, we guarantee a substantial Return On Investment. As your dedicated Level 1 development supplier, we customise and build your company-specific ESD management and delivery solution, ensuring a rewarding ROI.

Corporate Benefits

Adopting ESD3SIXTY bestows you with ownership of your ESD approach and methodologies. From building your ESD delivery capability to deciding between in-house and outsourced models, from ensuring budget control and benefits delivery to reducing costs by only paying for actual on-site delivery – we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits. Furthermore, we ensure standardised reporting, delivery control, and complete BEE compliance on your internal platform.

A Proven Approach

Our methodology is not just words; it’s a proven approach that has seen ESD3SIXTY clinch third place in the ABSA Supplier Development Awards. Our programs consistently focus on making supplier development central to company strategy, delivering clear information on program outputs, and having a specific focus on impacting women, youth or rural or non-traditional sectors.

International Reach, Local Impact

With 15 years of experience spanning 45 countries and enhancing the performance and financial position of over 30,000 SME companies across Africa, ESD3SIXTY brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a proven track record.

Linking Company Objectives to Economic Development

Our platform integrates your company strategy into the process, delivering not only on your ESD objectives but also achieving measurable company objectives like supply chain and operational improvement. We align your Corporate Strategy with the National Development Plan (NDP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Company Operations (OPS).

Supported by the three core pillars of Enterprise Development, Core Principles, and Supplier Development, we ultimately create a return on investment measured against Impact, Brand, and Commercial performance.

ESD3SIXTY isn’t just a platform; it’s a paradigm shift in Enterprise Supplier Development. We don’t just adapt to change – we are the change. We are ESD3SIXTY, the future of ESD. And the future looks promising.