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November 17, 2021 2024-03-07 10:17
RED3SIXTY has worked with 1000s of suppliers and SMEs delivering business acceleration. Our programs focus on results and delivering measurable value to both our customers and their suppliers.

Manage all your ESD initiatives
from one platform

Standardised Approach
Consultant and Supplier methodology.
Why change core principles every year based on new ESD Delivery Companies? Ensure that you adopt and develop your own methodology no matter who delivers.
Long Term Planning
Integrated yearly program succession
Ensure that the programs you run are integrated and provides graduation in three year cycles. This enables suppliers to grow through an integrated 3 year development plan.
Linkage to Supply Chain
Graduation from ED to SD and beyond

If the aim is to create your own company-specific suppliers you have to start at ED and ensure that together with graduation to SD, the program delivers more integrated suppliers.

Return On
ESD contributes to your own platform.

Use a dedicated Level 1 development supplier to customise and build on your own company specific ESD management and delivery solution, ensuring ROI


Our International and National operations combine 15 years of experience with an international footprint across 45 countries around the world. To date, we have improved the performance and financial position of over 30 000 SME companies across the African continent. We have delivered successful programs in the ESD space with measurable impact for our clients and their suppliers.


RED3SIXTY offers an Enterprise & Supplier Development solution to improve the financial performance and strategic position of your key suppliers. Solutions are customized to match specific Enterprise & Supplier Development needs. With our holistic approach, we ensure that both the individual and the business are developed and that every step is measured and tracked on our proprietary analysis and development systems.


The engagement and 5-tiered solution delivery is guided by key principles that underpin the delivery approach and targeted outcomes. The solutions are scalable and ensure automation from Supplier Selection, Shortlisting and Tiered Program Delivery.

Our approach ensures holistic, technology-driven processes aimed at delivering measurable and real value, fully aligned to targeted outcomes. This ensures both predictability and consistency in how you manage your ESD programs.

Alignment of Corporate, Delivery Partners and Supplier benefits

By combining our years of experience successfully working with both corporate customers and their suppliers, in a delivery partner capacity, RED3SIXTY has structured an approach delivering on key benefits. Our suggested approach ensures true scalability and long-term sustainability for all stakeholders in the initiatives.


Striving to make a positive community impact has become a fundamental tenet of our approach. Supplier development is a particularly effective tool because it ensures that companies support their own business needs while providing small businesses with access to markets, which is key to their growth potential and sustainability.

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